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Another Car Show
Lucas Baisch and Danny Epstein

When driving, the human body moves towards a place of ‘excitation displacement’ or the firing of stimuli as a result of increased adrenaline. At the cusp of fear and excitement lives a sanctioned danger. The driver finds security and accepts risk in deliberate movement.

The works that populate another car show are both cheeky and foreboding acknowledgments to the joys and dangers of moving fast. Artists Lucas Baisch and Danny Epstein draw from personal experiences of vehicular trauma – celebrating them, damaging them. Here, the artists provide a pseudo-car show as romanticization and capitalist jest. An archive for peril and chance to be quantified, sold, and bought. The exhibition functions as a gesture towards nostalgia, lineage, and the impermanence inherent to mobilization.

Opening Reception: 6-8 pm, Dec 1st, 2017

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